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Development on the WCF Test Harness has stopped. This is primarily due to the availability of similar tools that have more features and less defects (SOAP UI).

I am leaving this on CodePlex as the source code provides examples for dynamically constructing WCF client and services, and on using reflection for serialization and understanding contracts.

Project Description
The WCF Test Harness is a flexible tool that can be used to quickly test services. The utility is a windows application that uses WCF to submit requests via a given URL or proxy class.

This utility is similar to other service test tools, notably WCF Load Test and SOAP UI.

The WCF Test Harness is primarily a utility to quickly identify if a service is available and to gain an early understanding of the service. In practice, the utility was used during the development of solutions where the technology being used had overhead making quick appraisal of services cumbersome (e.g., BizTalk Server and SharePoint).

The test harness has the following key features:
  • Add a reference to a proxy contained in an assembly
  • Generate a proxy based on a given URL
  • Generate an XML representation of the request that can be edited as text
  • Record the response time of a submitted request
  • Provide the ability to submit multiple requests on separate threads
  • Provide the ability to save and load tests
  • Provide the ability to create a stubbed service host

Overview and Guides

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